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Monday, March 2
7:00pm - Joseph Iorii

Tuesday March 3
8:00am - Mass for the People

Wednesday, March 4
8:00am - Phyllis Weinkowitz

Thursday, March 5
8:00am - Samuel A. Rossitto, Sr.

Friday, March 6
8:00am - Gaetano DeBonaventura

Saturday, March 7
5:00pm - Jennie DiMedio

Sunday, March 8
8:00am - James and Hannah Wirt
10:00am - George Ciuffetelli
STATIONS OF THE CROSS - every Friday at 6pm


We are moving along nicely with our pew renovation project.
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In todayís world of 24/7 sound bites, non-stop commercials, loud music and the like, it can be difficult to hear the really important voices in our life. Sometimes we just need a quiet, safe place where we can listen to our God who knows us and wants to tell us what is best for us. The Malvern Retreat House is such a place. Join the men of the parish the weekend of May 1, 2 and 3 for their annual Malvern retreat. To learn more, call Ray Worrall at 302-239-9897 or John Grieshaber at 485-888-6228. For information on retreats for men, women, married couples and families visit the web site at (malvernretreat. com) or call 610-644-0400. Brochures for retreats are available in the rear of the church.

We donít necessarily like to think about them or having to plan one for a loved one (or even our own for that matter.) However, death is a part of the human experience and for Catholics, the Mass of Christian Burial is essential. It seems that many people these days are opting out of the funeral Mass because they want to keep things ďsimple.Ē I submit to you that there is nothing more simple, beautiful, and elegant than our Catholic funeral rites. A more disturbing trend is when you have next-of-kin who are not practicing the Faith and so they donít want to be bothered with the Church. There are too many situations were a lifelong, devout Catholic is denied a proper funeral because their children or other heirs donít want to be troubled with it. This is truly sad and dare I say disgraceful. I encourage everyone to make sure that your wishes concerning your funeral and burial are put in writing and make them known to your next-of-kin. I would also like to direct your attention to a new section here on the website that is dedicated to the Mass of Christian Burial. On the upper left side of this page click on the link ďFUNERALS.Ē  You will be taken to a brand new area that will answer many of your questions regarding Catholic funeral rites including: Frequently Asked Questions, Symbols, Readings, and Music. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions concerning our funeral rites should you wish to be in touch. God Bless - Father Hurley

Did you know that the Diocese of Wilmington has a YouTube Channel? On it, you can see homilies on religious liberty and other topics from Bishop Malooly and other priests of our diocese, features on some of the ministries of Catholic Charities, and more.  Check it out at youtube.com/dioceseofwilm.

Abraham trusted the Lordís call - even though it made no sense to him. Have you ever thought that God might be calling you to something that wasnít originally part of your plans? Something that maybe your family and friends didnít understand? Something that seemed almost impossible? Many priests and religious had that experience as they tried to discern Godís plan for them. If that sounds familiar - and if you think God might be calling you to a religious vocation - please call or write Father David Kelley, Diocesan Director of Priestly and Religious Vocations (302-573-3113; vocations@cdow.org). Be sure to visit

Marriage Moments: Holidays: What holiday customs do you bring from your family of origin? Which ones are similar and you want to retain? Which ones clash? How do you resolve the differences? What new tradition would you like to start?

Parenting Pointers
: March 6-7, 2015 is a new holiday - The National Day of Unplugging. http://www.sabbathmanifesto.org/unplug/. Celebrate it by fasting from any unessential use of cell phones, internet, screens, - anything that takes you away from your family. Invite your family to sign the pledge.

Listen to Catholic Forum every Sunday morning at 10:05 a.m. on 1150AM WDEL and www.wdel.com. Next Sunday, March 8th, Christopher Roberts, primary editor of the preparatory catechesis for the upcoming World Meeting Families will be the guest. For photos, information regarding upcoming guests and more,
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