Litany of St. Thomas More

Bishop Malooly has asked that the Litany of St. Thomas More be prayed after all Masses this weekend. We pray through the intercession of St. Thomas More, patron of Statesmen, Politicians and Lawyers, that our elected official may follow in his footsteps of integrity and strength of character. We also pray for peace during this contentious national election.

The Litany can be downloaded here and you can print it out and bring it with you to Mass this weekend.

Word on Fire Engage

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History Repeats

“When the epidemic, Spanish influenza struck, Father John Connelly closed the school (October 3, 1918). Sisters Mary Alma, Mary Edmund, Mary Cajetan and Mary Agilberta went to nearby homes to aid those stricken. School was reopened after one month but then in 1922, from February 7th to 27th the school was again closed due to the scarlet fever epidemic.”

– from the book “Golden Jubilee St. Thomas Parish 1903 – 1953”

COVID-19 Safety

  • The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass issued on March 12, 2020 remains in place for the Diocese of Wilmington.
  • Those who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to the virus within 14 days are not permitted to enter the church, in accordance with national, state and local health directives.
  • Parishioners who are particularly vulnerable (e.g. over the age of sixty, existing heart or lung conditions, diabetes, or otherwise immuno-compromised) are encouraged, for their own health, to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations of the Church until all restrictions have been lifted.
  • All members of the assembly are to wear face coverings at all times while in church.
  • Members of the same household may sit together, but there should be at least 6 feet of separation otherwise. Gatherings before and after celebrations are prohibited, including ministers greeting the faithful before and after Mass.
  • Individuals are the primary protectors of their own health; during this current situation, there is always risk coming into public spaces. To that end, coming into an open church building carries that same risk. Individuals assume that risk for themselves in these circumstances.
  • Communion procedures may be different .
  • Dismissal procedures may be different.
  • Bathrooms will be closed until further notice.