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Share in the Spirit

September 16, 2020 12:00 am

Next week, parishioners throughout the diocese will be asked to help make the dream of a Catholic education a reality for struggling Catholic families.  Monies raised through this collection coupled with the diocese’s tuition assistance endowment provides financial assistance to hundreds of deserving families who seek a Catholic education for their children but who cannot afford the full cost of tuition.

Through this collection, our Bishop is reaching out to believing and worshipping Catholics like you to assist him in ensuring that the Catholic commitment to total education of our children does not fade away because people cannot afford it.  Since the Church has the mission to educate and since this mission directly affects the quality of life we experience as Catholics, all of us have a stake in Catholic education.

It is in light of this reality please consider supporting next week’s Share in the Spirit collection.  God bless you for your goodness.

To learn more about the Share in the Spirit collection and its importance, go to the diocesan website

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