2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal

Join us in the spirit of unity and love as we launch our Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal under the theme ‘One Body, One Spirit in Christ.’ Inspired by the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, we are reminded that we are all part of one flock. Our Appeal is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of our community and deepen our relationship with Christ.

This Appeal is not just a call for financial support; it is an invitation to actively participate in the shared journey of faith. Each contribution, big or small, is a meaningful step towards building a more connected and vibrant community. As we come together in generosity, let us embody the essence of being one body and one spirit in Christ. Help our parish to show a good level of active participation.

We are all invited to follow the Good Shepherd’s example and support one another on this sacred journey. One Body, One Spirit in Christ. An invitation to participate as a community in the 2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal. Please respond by pledging a sacrificial gift to this important campaign.

To learn more about the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal, please watch this inspiring video.