Parish News


June 29, 2024 12:00 am

Every few years, parishes are asked to host a mission appeal to help generate awareness and funding for worthwhile Catholic charitable organizations outside of the United States.  This practice has been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic but now we are back on track. 

This year, St. Thomas will host the Community of Oscar A. Romero (COAR).  Mary Stevenson is the Executive Director of the COAR Peace Mission and she will be making a mission appeal the weekend of July 6 & 7, asking for your prayers, awareness, and generosity. Founded in 1980 at the beginning of El Salvador’s civil war, COAR is the Community of Oscar A. Romero, a school, foster care facility, clinic and other services for the impoverished children of El Salvador. More information is available at, (216) 269-1710. Donations are payable to our parish, placed into the 2nd collection, or, brought or mailed to the parish later with “COAR” in the memo